Central Air Conditioner Maintenance

As a unit that protects both from summer heat and winter cold, it is vital to maintenance central air conditioner units regularly. To maintenance of an air conditioner system will extend the life of it. Well, (central air conditioner maintenance) but when we should maintenance of central air conditioner and who should do it?

Although many people put off the maintenance of air conditioners, in fact, for better use of central air conditioner units, you should pay attention tomaintenance time and the technicians who will care. Qualified experts should perform air conditioning maintenance operations. During the maintenance operations, all the values of your central air conditioner units are checked and cleaned.

If you ask that when the air conditioning maintenance should be done, the best time is two times in a year (especially before the start of winter and summer seasons).

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Central Air Conditioner Does Not Cool Or Heat, but Air Blow and Motor Works?
Central Air Conditioner Does Not Cool Or Heat, but Air Blow and Motor Works?
If all the motors are working, but no cold air, then most likely low on refrigerant (freon). The freon do not just disappear. Unfortunately the system might have a leak. If you had your unit serviced by someone prior to this happening, the technician could have put in not enough freon. Hope this is the case. Otherwise you will have to find a good hvac technician to find and fix the leak. During hot season, hvac service charging method is very differ from company to company. One quick tip you might be able to perform yourself. In sufficient air flow caused by dirty air filter or condensing coils leads the hvac problems. Please check them and clean them if they are in need. Good Luck!1. what does it mean when your central air conditioner is leaking water?I just noticed that my HVAC unit (on the roof of my house) is dripping water down the side of the roof (it's a pitched roof) it seems to be working ok and I do not see any leaks inside the house - as I say, I just noticed some water dripping down from the unit off the roof. Is this ok or do I have to find a 1/2 a million dollars somewhere to have a tech come and look at it...?2. Can grass and other debris in the fan outside affect the central air conditioner inside the house?Yes, the debris definitely can affect your air conditioner. According to the blog from American Home Water and Air: "If you suspect the debris has made its way inside the unit, you will need to have a professional open it up safely. First, however, brush away any debris yourself with a small-handle broom and give the coils a good cleaning with water and coil foam cleaner." Apparently, it is a very common problem with AC units.3. My central air conditioner works fine for about 15 hours. Then the compressor turns off.?I think it would depend a little on just how hot a climate you live in, but generally the engine will run a little hotter as the air conditioner operates. Air conditioners use a system of heat exchanging coils, and the coil that dissipates the heat is usually directly in front of your car's radiator. If the air conditioner is operating that coil will be hotter and some of that heat will transfer to your radiator. It probably wo not overheat your engine, but it will tend to make it cool a little more slowly. Also, if that system is set to turn on when you start your car you will add to the load on your electrical system as well as increase the work your engine and starter have to do. If you plan to keep the vehicle for a long time it's generally best to go a little easy on the systems that make it work. Leaving the AC on probably wo not damage the vehicle but it may make it wear out more quickly4. Central air conditioner is leaking water?Are you sure that the collection pan/drain pan is level? Is the water clear and not full of dust etc? A little bleach will keep it clear. I had a bad experience with an unlevel pan. Ceiling fell in.5. How long should a central air conditioner/heater last?I would be in no hurry to replace the whole system. If it has a leak, then the leak should be found and repaired. A good tech would automatically look for the obvious signs of a leak (oil residue), and if it's not easily found, they may have to tear into the evaporator, which will take a bit of time, but is still a lot cheaper than system replacement. Most parts that may fail are fairly inexpensive, with the fan motor being a bit more, but as long as the compressor runs, I would keep the old system going, but if it goes, then it may be worth changing the whole system, ...especially if you can get a tax credit for upgrading. I have a system that I take care of that was started in July of 1969, still with the original compressor. New systems will be more efficient, but it will take a long time for them to pay for themselves in energy savings. Hope this helps
How to Know Which Central Air Conditioner Is the Quietest Cool Today
For example, on Carrier's website you can see the quietest ACs by comparing their dB (sound) levels. The Infinity 19VS is quieter than the Infinity 21, as you can see from its lower dB level Note: It says "as low as." Which means it's the lowest decibel level achieved from the quietest size within each model group during low fan-speed operation. Currently, the 50-60 dB range is as quiet as an air conditioner can get. As of 2015, some of the quietest ACs include: OK, so what do those numbers mean, though? How loud is 65 or 56 decibels? How will you know if the AC is quiet enough for you? For a frame of reference, Purdue University's Chemistry Department gives you examples of noise sources for each decibel level: • 50 dB (1/4th as loud as 70 dB) - Quiet conversation at home • 60 dB (1/2 as loud as 70 dB, fairly quiet) - Conversation at a restaurant • 80 dB (twice as loud as 70 dB) - Running a garbage disposal So, if you are looking for a quiet AC, make sure it's within 50 to 60 dB. If you can not find an AC's sound level, look for certain features that imply quietness, including: • Variable speed fan — The indoor unit's fan can operate at different speeds depending on your comfort needs. This improves comfort, lowers energy bills and, of course, lets the AC run at quieter speeds. • Compressor insulation — A separate compartment or enclosure that covers the compressor to reduce the outdoor unit's noise. • Insulated base pan — An addition of a pan underneath the air conditioner designed to reduce noise and resist corrosion. Remember that any sound rating you see implies two things: • The size of the AC is the quietest size (probably a smaller size). Size is measured in "tons." • The AC's indoor fan is running at the lowest setting. In other words, the advertised sound (dB) is the AC running under perfect conditions. So if you have a larger home (implying a larger AC) and live in a hotter area like Florida (implying that the fan will run at a higher setting) the AC you buy will probably be louder than advertised. How do you know which AC size you need? You will need to get a professional AC installer to perform a Manual J Heat Load Calculation on your home. Most reputable HVAC companies will do this for you free of charge as part of an air conditioner installation estimate. Nice, right? You are free to choose the first offer you get or leave it to find someone else with no charge to you. Related article: How Do I Know What Size Central Air Conditioner I Need for My Home? Do you live in the Sarasota area in Florida and an AC installation? Contact Cool Today to schedule a free estimate. Cool Today is the leading air conditioning company in Sarasota, Florida and the surrounding areas. We've been serving homeowners here since 1963.Always Infinity vs. Kotex U pads?Where I am from, the U by kotex pads are cheaper,but I have used both and I prefer the Infinity. They are much more absorbent. You dont need to change them as often, so that balances out the cost. I do not notice anything great about the U, other than the pretty packaging. I admit I was sucked in by that too, but next time I would go back to the infinity.define and explain ohm law?When a voltage source (Battery) is connected to a circuit, it will require a resistor to control the amount of current flowing in the circuit. Equation: (V=IR) V=Voltage, I=Current, R=Resistance. If the restistance is 0 ohms the current will go to infinity, causing the circuit to short. Adding a resistor to a circuit also allows a certain amount of current to enter a componentI need the perfect summer play list for a bbq anything alternative, rap hip hop n e thing please?As far as hip hop goes... "93 til infinity" by souls of mischief is a must "summertime" - the lost boyz "summertime"- will smith "skew it on the bar-b"- outkast
My Central Air Conditioner Fan Turns on but No Air Is Coming Out of Vents Inside the House What's Pr
then u have a problem with the blower motor in your house to check this go to your t/stat a turn the fan switch from auto to on if it dont come on then u may need a new motor but if it does come on then u have another problem do not leave your central air on if no air is coming out of the vents leave off till fix1. What is, in your opinion the best, most reliable, efficient, quietest home central air conditioner brand?By far and away the best, most reliable, quietest home central air conditioning brand is....... The one that is designed and installed the best. If the equipment is over sized, ducts are undersized, is leaky and just overall designed and installed poorly it will not function properly, will be unreliable, will be noisy and will be uncomfortable. There are small differences in brands but huge differences in contractors. I have gone back on dozens of systems, resized and reinstalled them and the difference was night and day. I had one there I left the equipment and deducted the entire system. The old system was noisy, didn't cool and Had destroyed 2 gas valves and 2 circuit boards in 2 years. Once I was done it cooled great, was quiet and hasn't needed a repair in the last 10 years. So stop worrying about brands and concentrate on finding a good contractor. What is, in your opinion the best, most reliable, efficient, quietest home central air conditioner brand?2. How can I turn my central Air Conditioner into a heater also?I can feel this problem! Used to live in duplex with great radiant heat in the ceilings... never a problem... not too expensive. Later bought a house with what was supposed to be the same kind of heat. NOT!! Yep, it's in the ceiling... nope, it does not work as well. We have no idea why but think that it was not properly installed in the first place. The heat pump idea is probably going to be your best fix but you will need some money to get that done. We added at least double the insulation in the atic so the R value there is really huge. We have just adjusted the thermostat to a moderate temperature (65) and just leave it there 24/7. We use space heaters for more comfortable seating areas when we are up. The most efficient heat is a radiant dish we bought at Costco. Otherwise, you are back to high expense. .. either on your hydro bills or for an entirely new system. If you are sticking to electric then infloor heating is best I think (lots of online sites & different kinds) or an electric furnace (but the furnace means duct work). Simplest solution, wait for warm weather and sell unless you absolutely love everything else about your unit. ... those bills would flatten me! My house is all electric & pretty huge and my average monthly cost was $170/month. It used to be $192/month but I switched all my light bulbs to Satco curly flourescents (with a spectrum between noon & 2 pm). Made a huge difference. I have to say that even with the space heaters, my house is not as comfortable as my Mother's house with an electric furnace. I admit that we have sacrificed some comfort in the name of economy - it's a choice, right? We are in the process of getting ready to sell & very hopeful as the market here is strong right now. Best of luck on your quest3. Out to buy a central air conditioner for my home...best brands??i would say trane as far as warranty, service, and reliability4. Central air conditioner compressor (which is only a few years old) trips circuit on Very hot days?If the tech went though the system and check all the electrical connection, pressures and took the TOP of the unit off to check the terminal connection at the compressor. And if he checked amp draw on the compressor and checked the capacitor. Then I would start with the breaker being weak after 19 years. Also, did they replace the power whip and disconnect? I would replace the breaker personally. If not I suspect a power issue with or at the compressor. A loose terminal wire will draw higher amps, and in turn trip the breaker. Eventually something has to give if the problem is not addressed. He should have also ohmed out the compressor. You may have a failing compressor.
Common Central Air Conditioner Questions
What temperature do they keep the A/C in Saudi Arabia?Most homes don't use central air conditioning like in the US. Usually there's an air conditioner in nearly every room except the kitchen. The kitchens here usually have a door, so the heat can be contained in the kitchen, or they are outside of the main house. Usually people set the A/C on whatever feels comfortable at the time because it's always on. I set ours at 10, but then usually turn it down to 7 after it's cool in the room. There's another kind of A/C that does have temps ranging from I think 20 to 30 degrees C. Usually, I've seen that one set at around 23-24------what should I do about rent and no central air?You can do none of what you suggest. Unless your lease specifically includes (in writing) central air conditioning as an included benefit, the air conditioning is considered as an amenity or 'added benefit'. Thus, the landlord NEVER has to fix the air, if he so chooses, since working air conditioning is not considered as a requirement for habitability of the premises. Your choices are to continue with your current situation, or to find somewhere else to live, hoping that THEIR A/C does not give similar problems.------do portable air conditioners work?i have one don't like it. first you need a window to vent it outside. the water reservoir is small need to empty it often unless is has a drain hose for a pail or floor drain i use a 5 gallon pail. rather noisy only good for one room. the vent hose which is plastic got hot seems hot vent hose in a room you trying to cool is sort of inefficient. the one i got i bought at home depot cost me $500. better to get a window unit------Mismatched or Improvement Central Air?The coil will freeze up or you will have to over charge the system and that will kill the compressor. If this could be done the factory would do it that way. Since Miami is a third world city you can get any body to do a mess up job like that. You knew it did not have air and should have not bought too much house. Call a real contractor or call the manufacture and tell them what you want to do and see what they think. Since your are broke, you need the best price.------ok so should i call the guy that just worked on my air conditioner last Thursday?If you are that desperate for a date, sure!What the (blank) are you talking about?>>>EDIT<<<If it happened once, it can happen again! If the AC air handler is down there, it is quite possible the condensate pump is bad, or possibly the line was disturbed during the service call. Call the technician to be sure, but you may be in for another service charge.It's also possible that you have a leaky water heater, or other plumbing leak of some sort.------What is the tube covered in black foam that comes out of a central air conditioner?The foam covered pipe carries the cold refrigerant. Sounds like it frosted up and now it's thawed out. Good chance the coils above the air filter are frozen over, too. That'll make the unit stop delivering cold air. That can be caused by a filthy air filter. the outside compressor fan being inoperative or being low on refrigerant. If the outside fan runs and the filter is clogged, then turn off the AC and set the fan on ON. That'll pull warm air past the frozen coils to melt the ice. Once that's gone try the AC again------if i buy a central air home conditioner can i move it with me if i move out?My husband works in HVAC, You can take it with you - But you have to have a company do it because of the freon in it. He says depends on where you are could cost $400.00-$500.00 to do it - His suggestion is to ask your landlord to take it off each month's rent until it is reimbursed also you may want ot ask your landlord about this, he may assume ownership with it coming to his or her property ...legal issues too...be careful.------My air conditioner isnt working properly?Have you check the freon pressure on the central? Seems if not a lost pressure, you have a blocked freon line. The pressure may lost by low freon, broken seal, or broken compressor; if the freon volume is full then you have a broken compressor piston; if the volume not full then you might have a leak. A blocked may cause on dryer or expansion, those is cause by trapped dirt inside. By the way, it's the car using central, or you drive a tower?------Can I vent a portable air conditioner into the central air vents when central air is turned off?It makes no sense at all to do this. What is your reason for even thinking of doing this. Your portable need to exhaust the heat it has it has absorbed during the cooling process. Air conditioning is not the process of putting cold air into a room. It is a way to remove the heat. That's all you are doing is "removing" the heat and humidity. That absorbed heat needs to go somewhere, so the only place to dump it off is "outside" the building, not inside. I hope this was informative. Make sure you discharge it outside------Help central heating and air unit freezing?It could be a recharge is needed but it could also mean the unit is coming on when it shouldn't as in when its cold outsideand if the return doesn't generate enough hot air to keep it from freezing up. it happens at the engineering lab where I work all the time in the winter months.. I would get the gas levels checked and if thats not the problem have them check the air filter in the compressure to make sure its not clogged.Other than that turn it off for a day to defrost if nothing else can be found.------is it bad to run an air conditioner continuous?in case you are able to submit this question you are able to hit up GE tech help, or troubleshooting handbook or call the telephone huge type that I assure got here with the unit in its literature. Sounds to me like the unit might have had a clear out sensor and has close down till its wiped sparkling & reset. in need of that, if it has a digital administration, that would have fried. back, touch GE for a alternative area or if its not very previous, lead them to stand at the back of it on a guaranty foundation. good success. you like it------Freon-12 (CF2Cl2) is commonly used as the refrigerant in central home air conditioners. The system is initiall?No, it's now not mistaken. I work within the seventh circle of hell. The a/c is set at 74 degrees and when it's ninety eight degrees outside with 89% humidity, it is hotter than hell within the place of job. I sweat like a hog on a day-to-day basis. God forbid I put on whatever that is now not a hundred% cotton considering that i'll be depressing all day. I would as an alternative freeze my ya-ya's off and have my nips poking correct out of my shirt any day of the week. Are you guys hiring?!------Are Portable Air Conditioners Susceptible to Mold?to bathe the unit wisely you ought to do away with it from the window and do away with the disguise. Then get a answer of bleach, water and cleansing soap, then supply it hell. Use a severe ability prayer hose and flush it out completely. this way the evaporator besides because of the fact the condenser and the fan receives wiped sparkling. Take care to no longer harm the aluminum vanes, constantly scrub WITH them, by no skill in the time of------Air Conditioner - catching dripping water?HVAC Tech.: You don't say if unit is central or a window(?). If it is a central unit call the installer NOW and make them come back and fix the problem. If on the other hand it is a window unit you installed it will only need to be tipped farther towards the back (outside) and shimmed so the water runs outside. Keep checking to make sure the water is in fact dripping out the rear. That water helps the unit run more efficiently------Can I still run the fan on my thermostat if the central air conditioner is broken?If the inside fan will run, it will not exacerbate any problems you may be experiencing with the rest of the unit.....But, keep in mind that running the fan alone, while providing some measure of circulation, actually will heat the air slightly.Please give some additional details and we may be able to help you get your system up and running until you can get a tech out there, OR,.... perhaps there may be someone in your neck of the woods that uses this board that is also a qualified tech that would be willing to drop in. -it may be something very simple...------My central air conditioner unit is freezing up and then won't cool...is this caused by humidity?Your condenser coil probably needs cleaning.Throw the breaker on your A/C unit, remove the case and wash the coil. Try not to get water into the electrical connections.If that doesn't take care of things, you will need to call in a service technician.Oh, one more thing, make sure the aluminum fins on the coil are not dented and flattened. If there are dented, you will need to go to a hardware store and buy a fin comb to straighten them.Doc Hudson------What is the cost in running the central air conditioner vs just the fan?it's probably over $100 a month differencefan only doesn't remove any heat...it just circulates air.....cool mode removes heat from your home and rejects it outside by allowing refrigerant to evaporate and absorb heat from your inside air and then condenses it releasing the heat outside....this is accomplished with a compressor and fans.......this takes a lot of electrical energy to compress and condense the refrigerant into a liquid so it can be pumped back in the house and evaporated once again.------If you have central air how much can you expect the temperature to lower and how long will it take?yes, it should cool off faster- I have a 1,600 sq ft home, and it was 97 outside when I got home at 5pm, and 86 inside. Turned the air down to 70, and my house was at 70 degrees inside, by 7:15pm. Check the filter- if it is clogged, the air will not pump through as steadily. Also- A/C unit should be checked by a repairman- may just need to be cleaned. Shouldn't cost more than about $100, and most companies will set up biannual maintenance visits- once in the spring, and once in the fall (central air usually means central heat too)------Can I turn on my central air conditoner without an air filter?You're lucky that your CA still works. You need to change the filter about every 2 months. Not changing it for a couple of years is very disgusting. I can't imagine all the stuff floating around in your house because the filters can't do their job.I wouldn't advise turning it on without the filter. If you've neglected to change the filter for as long as you said, then sweat it out for the night & you'll never go that long without changing a filter again b/c you'll remember the heat.------How much does it cost each month for Central Air Conditioner?I have no idea where in the world you live but I installed central air conditioning two years ago very reluctantly and was astonished at how cheap it has been to run.Before installing central a/c we ran an attic fan regularly and a basement dehumidifier during the summer months. Occasionally we would get a fat visitor who needed air conditioning and we would therefore run a window a/c in the guest bedroom maybe four days a year. The electric bills are now LOWER than they were pre a/c.------my central heat and air conditioner?The famous line, "that's normal" is just another way of saying the repair or service to the A/C is just too much money. If you are renting, send your landlord a certified letter saying that you deserve to be comfortable and you would like the problem resolved. If in 7 days he has not made a reasonable attempt to rectify. Inform landlord you are moving. No A/C, no rent check, vacant trailer, let someone other than you swelter. When he asks why your moving tell him " that's normal"
Central Air Conditioner Is Not Working Properly, the Fan Outside Is Not Spinning, Making No Noise. H
sometimes if you turn the unit on and off a couple of times it may work for awhile.If that was the problem, here I would charge 150. 00 to fix.1. Is my Central Air Conditioner Transformer bad or the unit itself?The buzzing is from the switch relay which indicates the transformer is working. You can always check the voltage coming from the thermostat to make sure the transformer is working. Next, check the voltage on both sides of the relay switch to make sure electricity is passing through it. I have had relays go bad due to corrosion build up, bugs, ants and so on. Fire ants seem to like these relays. You can also manually close the switch relay by pushing against the top of it with something that is not going to give you a 240V shock. If the relay is working correctly, check to see if the fan is stuck. Give it a push in the direction of rotation to see if it turns freely. If it does not , the bearings are stuck. If the compressor is bad, it should be tripping the breaker. The compressor might not be engaging due to a low freon condition. Many units also have a reset button that needs to be checked before you can check the above.2. Goodman Central Air conditioner isn't working and flashing #4 anyone know what that means?Get the model of the system you are working with and search "model manual" on google. Then look up what #4 means.3. Central air conditioner does not work.?Could be the thermostat, which is a fairly inexpensive item, I would try that first, the thermostat goes out so does everything else4. Alternative power to run central air conditioner?What do you think everybody did before A/C ? They got uncomfortable. Just forget the fancy stuff. You could not afford it any way. But you can add some insulation above the ceiling, vent your attic and adjust your thermostat to cool at 78F and heat at 68F. Then use fans and dress accordingly. .5. If the outside Temperature is 95 degrees and a heat index of 110 will your Central air conditioner run all t?It could, if the home is not well insulated. Why did you post this in the car section?6. My Central Air Conditioner is running but not cooling. Just replaced capacitor immediately prior to this.?clean your coils ?4.88 total capacity thats what the unit is shipped with not whats in your system your low on refrigerant and or coils are clogged7. how long does a central air conditioner last?Not as long as you think8. my central air conditioner out side unit is blowing cold air and temp in house is 100 degrees?clean your outside coils change your filter if that dont work then you ll have to call a tech9. The outside fan on my central air conditioner was making a noise like it was hitting something.?marco is correct ,i have seen many times that snakes and frog will make noise in the fan and even bind the fan up.before you do anything turn the power off. now about the capacitor if you see that it has more then two terminal connections then your compressor is also to that capacitor, these are called dual caps. one side of the capacitor could be bad and the other going to your compressor still good but its best to just get the same type to replace if you think thats the problem.if the fan blade moves easily this may be it.normaly fans will make a loud squeel noise when there going bad. there is more to this but this is a start..good luck10. When I run the (central) air conditioner, water leaks from under the furnace?The air is usually circulated using the fans and duct system in the furnace - -whether it is hot or cold air. If you do not even know what the filter looks like, it's definitely been too long since it was replaced. They are usually pretty easy to find. Open some doors/ panels on the furnace (they wo not require a screwdriver, but should open like a cabinet or slide/lift off). The filter will be a large flat rectangle, either horizontally or vertically. Usually it looks like a cardboard picture frame, with a filter in the middle. Yours probably has soooo much dust in it, that it looks like the filter in your clothes dryer. Leave the furnace OFF while you go to the store to buy a new one the same size. (The measurements will be written on the edge). You do NOT want to run the A/C with no filter -- as particles will collect on the condenser and cause it to burn out. Get a medium quality filter, and buy a few. While you are at the store, the A/C will settle down, and the ice formed in it will melt out. Look for more water, there is sure to be some. Why? Because when air can not move over the condenser coils, it turns that 'box' into a refrigerator, and the ice forms and builds up. You NEED the air to move, AND be clean. Put a note on your calendar to replace/change the filter every month or two (see the filter for recommended cycle). The first one will get dirty quickly, as all the air that has not been moving will finally get a chance to blow all the crud out of the vent ducts. You will be surprised at how quickly the unit can cool the place down, now that the air can move freely. Close the windows, because the A/C works best when it controls the humidity, and you do not need it trying to de-humidify the whole outdoors.
Is Ac[cool] Vs Heater Air Force the Same in a Central Air Conditioner?
In a word,. No. The a/c fan is wired to run at high speed. The heat fan circuit is usually wired to the fan motor's medium/low speed. This is done so the heat air can literally absorb all the Btu's it can inside the heater to take it to you. The a/c fan is high so the same principle can be applied in reverse; so the air can absorb all the heat & moisture it can from you, the structure and all the other heat sources and then be taken back to the evaporator coil to be cooled and dried. (ed) Well, no Maynard. I know exactly what you are talking about. The average consumer does not. The reality is the the answers given here must be put in the easiest possible way to understand. No, I am not talking down the person asking, and no, You had better not be talking down to me. I do not care who your uncle is. I am in the middle of my Master's dissertation in environmental engineering -technology, I have 2 Bachelor's; 1 in HVAC, 1 in electrical engineering, and an AAS I picked up from my local college..... You OK with that? I guess it has to be.... funny, you are conspicuously silent on your credentials....1. How should I best keep-up my heart-rate and for how long to exercise EFFECTIVELY?look; i am just some wet dream with bankable assets, who prances around at nite letting social dysfunctionals stuff their paycheck into my undies..so i will give you the choice: either more pop science BS, or empirical knowledge that's older than you will be getting. It's like this: pop science tells us the half truth that the heart is a muscle, therefore exercise will make it stronger... the other half of that truth has to do with wear and tear, over time and from excessive usage. If you have enough sense to realize the human body is a finite organism, with a limited span of growth, maturity and declination, then you know that with age, the heart can only get...older. Pop science tells us exercise that elevates the heart rate is good for us; the other half of that truth is: most any exercise, even lifting a fork, elevates the heart rate, and insofar as optimum level, there is none. There are also no known conclusive tests to suggest your life will be longer cuz you ran yourself silly...the people they were going to showcase as the poster children for that claim have died: Flo Jo, Atkins, Skinner...need i go on? effective exercise is anything you do that shows improvement in overall health. Walking is known as the most effective. Smarter people like swimming, which gives a total body workout, without overheating and sweating...you feel more fatigued after a good swim workout, cuz you were able to do more, without being sidetracked by sweating..the water dissipates the body heat, and allows the heart to do more important things for your body , besides playing central air conditioner. Empirical knowledge suggests, meditative, slow, deliberate exercise is the key to longevity,...3 billion asians and 3000 years of proof are hard to ignore, unless you are from the west. but enough of my jibber....the time has come for you to devise a plan that you can use for life...the rest of it. why set yourself up for injury by running? Walk. A brisk paced walk of five miles a day, at 15 minutes a mile, will do more for your heart than running, without causing shin splints, pulled hamstrings, cramps and milk acid seizing. if you are the horse, or at least the jackass you claim to be, forgo any macho buff gym weight program...no need to bench press 400kg, and curl 120kg dumbells to show you stand up to urinals: your focus is on tone and sculpt, not bulk and build.....at 55, whatever you build in bulking up now, will start to fade; at 60, your just another has been wannabe with tittays. 20lb dumbells are your friend, ..your best friend ever.. 20 reps, three sets : for curls, reverse curls for triceps, overhead press, flies, , and you can look like any pic in any ad on the net, that pushes men to use supplements for ripped bodies.... body weight exercise is the core of a program for your age group...that means: pushups, situps and pullups, all in good form. Very few men at fifty can boast doing 10 pullups from a dead hang to the chin...oh, and that means dead hang, not arms half ******, halfway done and back up again, cuz your shorts are signalling failure. get up to 200 situps daily, 60 pushups in 3 sets of twenty, and 3 sets of 5 full pullups..that workout is about a half hour to 45 minutes with dramatic results. father , grandfather and great grandfather were able to do this stuff past 80....known advice.2. Central air conditioner was broken by no filter changing.?Coil cleaning is one of the most common repairs one can do to air conditioner coils. Cleaning can involve simply brushing the coils with a coil brush to chemically removing vines and other plants. Most of the time a simple brushing or annual washing of the coils with a garden hose will be sufficient. Always disconnect the power supply when working on any electrical appliance. Water is the best thing to try first and then if needed one can add soap or a mild coil cleaner in most instances. There are a number of chemicals on the market that are stronger and should be used with caution. When cleaning the coils always start on the side where the fan is located since this is where the debris usually starts. If one is not sure what to do or how then a qualified service person should be called. Or it might be frozen turn it off for an hour then open cap tap it twice then turn it back on3. is ac[cool] vs heater air force the same in a central air conditioner?Polar Bear - Is that what they taught you to tell people at HVAC school? It's about movement of air relative to density. Hot air is lighter and less dense than cold air, hence needing less energy to move it. Conversely cold air in denser and requires more energy to move it an equivalent distance.
On Central Air Conditioner. Should the Capacitor also Be Replaced Same Time As Fan Motor Is Replaced
Lennox Fan Motor1. What would cause a fan MOTOR to run BACKWARDS?Be careful, running a condenser backwards may cause damage. If it is a 3 phase induction motor you can reverse the rotation by switching any two of the three wires. If it is single phase then the motor usually has a third wire that will reverse rotation.2. How do I change rotation direction of single phase fan motor?If you have access to internal connections between the coils, you can reverse the motor by reversing the connection of one coil with respect to the other one3. Problem with car, coolant oil leak..please do help.?I suspect the radiator cooling fan motor does not work properly such that the heat /pressure build up faster than the radiator can contain, so it blows the radiator lid off. Esp during hot summer day. Let the engine cool down, check coolant level. If it too low , pour in the appropriate type coolant , observe if there is any leak at the floor underneath of the car enginer compartment./ radiator . Check if the radiator cooling fan (electrical ) motor works when the engine is hot. ============= RADIATOR rusted/ damaged/ roted/ blocked by road debris, bugs etc...may significantly degrade its cooling efficiency, which normally can cope in cold days, but unable to cope in hot summer day. Check the radiator' scooling fins, esp at radiator's bottom for such damage. U may have to replace it. If the warning still on, drag it home, ask the mech. To long to explain here.4. Why would the fan on my ac unit stop spinning after about 30 minutes?If you replaced the motor with the exact same one, never assume the replacement took the same size capacitor as the previous one. That could be possibly part of the problem. The other thing that I would ask is how is the condition of the condenser coil? Ok why right? If the condenser is pretty plugged up (you would probably be having other issues) but that the fan motor is not getting proper air flow and maybe over heating and thus tripping out on thermal overload. Then after it cools down, or the system is left off. It will work again. If the top of the unit is very very hot where fan motor is, either wrong capacitor is installed or the fan motor itself is possibly bad. I would also check the amp draw while its running. With everything else running fine the only two problems would either be with the capacitor or the possibility of a loose connection. Poor connections lead to higher amp draw and can cause that possible symptom. However, something has to give. Either it burns the motor up or it melts the wires at the terminal connection due to excess current draw. Maybe this will help point you in the right direction. Again, make sure the replacment capacitor is rated exactly for the new fan motor.5. my a.c is not working little air is coming out the vent and the fans blades on the unit outside is not spiningThe fact that your outside unit, called the condenser which contain the compressor, condenser coils and the cooling fan is not running should not make any difference in the amount of air you get through your vents. The inside part of the system consists of the evaporator and the blower. Of course if the outside system is not running, the air that comes out will not be any cooler. The thermostat should operate both systems by sending a current to relays in each system which in turn supply current to the compressor and fan motor on the outside and the blower motor on the inside. It is possible that the relay is not receiving current from the thermostat. If you have outside dogs check to see that the wires are not chewed in two. Of course it is possible that the fan motor is defective since it is exposed to the elements. Try spinning the fan to see that it turns freely. When a relay energizes it will make an audible click, so if you have someone operate the thermostat while you listen you should hear it operate. If at this point you find the things that are not wrong you might re post your question stating your findings and someone might give you some other possibilities. ...Good Luck
My Central Air Conditioner Unit Is Freezing Up and then Won't Cool...is This Caused by Humidity?
It is likely that your air conditioning unit is low on freon. This causes what you refer to as 'freezing up'. I would stop running the unit and have it checked by a professional. You could do harm to the compressor if you allow it to run in this condition which would be very costly to repair• Other QuestionsAir conditioner does not recycle during the night.?get a fancy thermostat that has a humidity setting.I got a new carrier ac/heat pump this year, it came with a carrier tp-prh-a thermostat. it has a humidity setting. If the temp is satisfied but the humidity rises it will run the ac and set the inside fan to a low speed to take the humidity out of the air.------stop the air flow of a central air conditioner from a specific room?You can close the vent half-way, not all the way. Central air is designed for your whole house with vents open and closing one will do three things. Back the air up in that duct to the fan and making it work harder. Waste cold air. Allow the return vent to draw in warmer air from your room and make the supply air to all the other rooms warmer------Problems with brand new air conditioner and thermostat?I hope you got more that a 6 month warranty on a new installation. If you did call the installing company and tell them to get back out there and fix it. If you did not it is almost certain you are dealing with a shabby company that originally installed your unit and their entire installation could be wrong. Dealing with reputable companies, not always the cheapest, is essential in HVAC installation------how much does it cost for a central air conditioner?Figure on at least a few thousand dollars. But, like the first person said, there are too many variables to determine for sure on our end. Call an air conditioning company and have them come out to give you an estimate. They have to do a heat load calculation on your house to determine what size compressor you need before they can quote a price------New central air conditioner stopped blowing cold air, help?If the system is under a year old-then this is a warrenty issue. You can check the circuit breakers to ensure they did not trip, and make sure your thermostat batteries, (if it has them) are not low or dead. Other then that, anything you do could void your warrenty-call the installing contractor or the seller and let them fix it under warrenty.------How to refill Central air ?thats a tuffie.you need a license to buy r-22,you need a set of guages,if the unit has never been serviced you may need a torch and silver solder to install a schrader valve,a vaccuum and recover unit and some leak detection equiptment.you be better off trying something simpler like kidney stone removal as it requires less equiptment------Is our central air conditioner working properly?which fan.. inside or outside.. if outside fan is running then yes your using ac. if its the inside fan running then you are just circulating inside air. kinda helps on reducing hot places but will cause the elec. bill to go up. it also filters the inside air. dont forget to replace your air filter often. flip your switch from on to auto------can you run the central air conditioning unit only with solar and if so how many panels would be needed.?Why not just buy a solar Air conditioning unit? They have tubes that heat up the freon so they only need a smaller compressor using less electricity, then you would only need less solar electric panels on the roof too. Lennox makes a central AC unit that has the inverter built in and takes care of the connection to the house and grid, all you need is the solar panels------What percentage of total kilowatt hours is consumed by a electric fan in a central air conditioner?Not near enough information.The condenser takes by far the most current, but itcycles on & off, while the fan runs continuously.(One would have to know the cooling load.)The current used by the air handling fan is governedby the ductwork it must move the air through, (varies widely from one installation to the next).------Where is the filter on a Central Air Conditioner?It will be adjacent to the air handler, and accessible from inside the home. Find the handler, not the exterior compressor, and look on the interior wall closest to unit. This unit should be in garage, sometimes in the ceiling if you have a drop ceiling. If it is to far to be coming out an interior wall than it will be at the base of the unit itself------My home central air conditioner turns it self on while the montier is on a off mode.?Is it the a/c or just the fan?As you may know that the fan for heat comes on by a thermostat built into the unit.So if your attic is very hot, the heat may trigger that fan to come on thinking that the heater is on and the plenum is hot enough and the fan runs.------will a dehumidifier work like an airconditioner?It will only remove moisture from the air and not heat. Less humid air may feel cooler. A thermostat will read the same temperature with or without the humidifier. Weather reporters give us a temperature and a humidex. The humidex (humidity index) is an estimate of how we perceive the combination of temperature along with the humidity in the air.The Muse------Should my attic fan still come on when my central air is on ?Yes it should come on if the thermostat tells it to come on. Most attic fans these days have a built in thermostat that controls only the attic fan it is attached to. It would have nothing to do with your central air conditioner. Remember that heat rises and it may get hotter quicker in your attic than in your main living areas------Why does it take my air conditioner many hours to cool off again, after I turn it up, and turn it back down again?Yes yes your are unless you know how to use a multimeter to check voltages an capacitor an amp draw of compressor. An gauges to check refrigerant.From what you say sounds like possible your compressor isn't kicking in all the time hence the hot air probably cause because you air handler is in the attic.------What size central air conditioner needed for a 1400 sqft house?Hi Robert, Properly sizing an air-conditioner is very important. In most of the country there is a rule of thumb that you would need one ton for every 500 to 700 square feet. There are other variables such as insulation, ductwork, and windows. Ultimately the decision should be made by a qualified contractor. If you have any other related questions please let me know------Should you run a dehumidifier while the central air on?If your basement is exceptionally damp it is fine, plus you probably don't run the AC 24/7. I know I don't run it when the weather is cool for a few days. Having the dehumidifier in the basement is no problem. When the AC is not used it will keep the basement dry. I do the same thing------Need some advice on how to trouble shoot central air conditioner.?The outside unit is not getting 24V to the contactor for one reason or another. Look around the unit where the refrigerant lines run from the unit into the house. There should be a small cable run along the lines. The cable would have at least two small wires in it. See if there is a break in the wire. Is the indoor air handler running?------BEARING OUT ON AIR CONDITIONER! HELP PLEASE!?HVAC Tech.: Don't run it shut it off! You have a bushing in the blower motor gone bad and is allowing the squirrel cage blower to drag against the housing. When the motor over heats and kicks out you could do serious damage to other components of the system. Call a repairman and have the minor problem fixed and avoid the major one!.------I have central air do I cover the system ?yes you should cover but not air tight. The unit will not run all winter and many times the fan will freeze which can cause the motor to burn out. In the summer the fan runs enough times to keep it free. In the winter snow sits on the motor and cause corrosion and rust. Make sure the fan turns freely before you turn the AC on in the spring------Question about Central Air Conditioners?? See details?If you turned the breaker on, maybe the installers put a disconnect on the outside of the house by the unit. Make sure it is turned on. Turn the t-stat to cool and fan auto and turn it down. I would think they ran the unit to try it out after they finished the installation. Hope this helps!! Good luck!.------do portable air conditioners work?they are rather weak... most of them are not strong enough to cool off an entire apartment.. likely you will have to close the bathroom door, bedroom doors etc, biggest thing to make sure of is that there are no leaks (no open windows, no open door cracks, no where for hot air to enter and cool air to escape------central air conditioner?The only time the compressor should stop running is when the thermostat's temperature is reached.The compressor compresses the refigerant and it is sent to txv valve or orifice that greatly reduces the refigerant temperature. This how the refigerant gets so cold.As the residence gets warmer the a/c kicks inagain and starts the whole process over again.------what's wrong with my (central) air conditioner?The bushings interior the motor are drying out.close the ability off,take the panel off and spray wd-40 on the decrease component to the shaft and manually spin it.placed the panel back on and initiate it up and you're able to nicely be waiting to purchase some extra time till finally you replace the motor.good success. incredibly saturate it with wd-40 and it will in all threat paintings------I have central air and the air conditioner is running but the air is barely working. What should I look for?You should look at the filters in your air conditioner to see if they need to be replaced or cleaned. When filters have a dust buildup on them the air will have a hard time passing through. You can all call a technician because you central air condition could need a good cleaning or freon. You can go to this site to see if this will help------Why does my air conditioner keep freezing up?The unit is freezing up because the load is too heavy or the temperature is set too low.An A/C unit is only supposed to cool the air a bit. You may want to add a dehumidifier as well if your weather is humid. Your A/C shouldn't be set to less than 72 so 68 is far too low, which explains the freezing. 72 is a very tolerable temperature for dogs.------What pressures do the high and low side run at on central air conditioners?HVAC Tech.: Your Pressures are those of a system in peak running condition. Temperature will effect them but not to much. As it warms up the head pressure will rise more rapidly than the suction side. A word of caution for what it is worth. It is ILLEGAL to access the refrigerant lines with out proper certification, BE CAREFUL!------Does it cost more to turn off your air conditioner when it is cool outside, or to turn up the air??you will possibly have a partly clogged evaporator coils, or clear out. besides the incontrovertible fact that this is plenty extra possibly the unit is low on Freon. you could verify the clear out your self. seem on the evaporator and notice in case you notice dirt build up on the fins. yet you're probable going to ned an AC tech to envision the cost point of the unit------How often should I have my air conditioner serviced?the obtrusive answer to the question is once a 12 months. in spite of the indisputable fact that it also relies upon on the age of the unit and situation. is likewise it a window kind unit or not. Window units commonly can go 2 to three years without checking. what number months familiar you take advantage of the unit. you stay contained in the North or South? also significant. please furnish some solutions.------how much does it cost to have an air conditioner installed?Hi,,, a central air - heating unit,,, around 2 to 5 grand depending on how large the house is.... if it is a window unit your talking about,, just the price of the unit... plus say 50 bucks if you have someone come put it in for you...maybe 100 now days.. i would do it for free if i were there.... good luck------about central air conditioner size?You want it to cycle that way.The minutes you stated are very good and normal.If it were running continuously and not shutting off,that would be a sign of trouble.If you are going to replace it,look into a 3 ton 14 SEER Goodman.They have excellent warranties and are extremely competitively priced compared to other brands.Good luck.
Best Central Air Conditioners to Buy
With introduction of different brands in the market, it's natural for a common man to get confused while buying any home appliance. In this article we have provided you the best brands of air conditioners and some basic information about them.You must have basic knowledge about air conditioners before purchasing one for your home. A centrally located air conditioner has the ability to cool your house, thereby allowing you to enjoy the temperature you desire in your surroundings. You should go through the reviews about the products containing opinions of customers in order to buy the best quality product. The quality of an air conditioner is judged by factors like reliability, warranty, efficiency, durability, and performance.A centrally located air conditioner is the ideal appliance to cool resorts, hotels, apartments, and offices. They lower energy consumption and help saving electricity. The best brands have intelligent frosting and dehumidifier system that ensure proper temperature adjustment. They also have inbuilt corrugated washable filter and programmable timer. The operation is easy and you can make adjustments with the remote control provided along with. Sometimes machines are built with multi fold evaporator for controlling moisture. Most importantly the HVAC system (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) plays an important role in its construction. The mechanics although hardly understood by a layman, are accurate. The intricately built machine is efficient in controlling the intensity of cooling. Check out the best brands of air conditioners from the list provided below.This is one of the most efficient central air conditioners. As you can see that it has a high SEER rating, thereby the quality is undoubtedly the best. The compressor is powerful enough to maintain the indoor temperature of your house. Energy consumption being quite low proves useful for users. Product specifications include iQ Drive controller, R-410A refrigerant modulating rotary compressor, 900 rpm speed, and brushed stainless steel cabinet.It's a high performance central air conditioner and offers excellent climate control performance. Cooling costs are reduced and Puron refrigerant used in its cooling system is ozone friendly. Product features are top-rated programmable thermostat in user-generated HVAC, advanced system monitor to protect the compressor, 2-stage compressor, muffler system II for canceling operative noise, and internal high- and low-pressure switches.Central air conditioner ratings are based on Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER), a factor that determines the efficiency of the product. Quality products have SEER rating value of minimum 13. SEER rating of 11 and 12 are medium quality products while that below 10 are low-efficiency units. Highest efficiency air conditioners have SEER of above 14.The placement of air duct is also an important factor that contributes to the quality of products. The position of the installed air duct depends on the surface area of the room and on the cooling requirements. The air duct usually runs below the ceiling when it is a single duct system. The placement of multiple ducts is completely different from single ducts. Advanced home air filters are also a part of central air conditioners. You can either select a ductless or a duct work air conditioner.In split system there is an indoor coil and outdoor condenser connected with the compressor. The refrigerant circulates between the indoor coil and outdoor condenser for cooling and dehumidifying the air. There's also a heat pump which conditions the air either by extracting heat from it or supplying heat to it from the surroundings.The cost of central air conditioners differs according to the product quality and performance. The price increases depending upon the mechanisms and features. High-end systems offer great cooling and are expensive. The price of a central air conditioner, weighing 3.5 ton with a SEER 13, is approximately US $2,643. Installation price ranges from US $2,000 - US $15,000 which further depends on the HVAC installation. Air conditioners having duct work is costlier than ductless types. The price of the fomer ranges between US $2,000 - US $10,000 while that of the latter can be US $15,000 or more. The price is also fixed depending upon the warranty period, the efficiency, and the size.All these factors determine the brand value of air conditioners. As already mentioned before, you can take help from customer reviews or directly discuss with dealers before making investment. It's always advised to opt for the best brand that guarantees quality, good after sales service and is efficient in keeping your home cool even during scorching summers.
Why Does My House Seem to Warm Faster in Summer Than It Cools in Winter? Closed
A window air conditioner is a small piece of equipment with relatively small heat capacity. But with heaters it depends, if it is electric it barely has much capacity and the room will feel quickly very cold once it is turned off. If your heater is steam radiator or forced water then it will take a long time for those to cool down. If the room has central forced air to heat or cool then probably it does not matter either way• Related QuestionsLeaking Central Air Vent?i could be wrong,but it is mostly condensation,as warm air enters the the ducts from the warm room it creates moister as the warm air is cooled in the ducts.have you tried closing the vents.i'm having a hard time visualizing the layout from the description,but i think that you have separate sources for heat and air conditioning.by closing the vents you may stop warm air from entering the ducts. you may also consider insulating the ducts in the attic with a wrap system.i hope i helped.good luck------How can we get the best LG AC service center in Hyderabad?Air conditioners for temporary purposes can approach Air Conditioner Rental companies. Rental companies provide air conditioners on rent for short term or long term periods and charge rent on a monthly basis. lg AC Service Center in Hyderabad We have either window air conditioners in our homes or central air conditioners. They keep us cool in the extreme summer heat without fail however, have you ever set back and looked at the costs of running an air conditioner when compared to the common household fan the amount of electricity required to run an air conditioner is phenomenal------Why does my chimney backdraft when I run the central air conditioner and the clothes dryer?more air is leaving the house via broken/missing/leaking ductwork than is coming back into the returns so that air is now coming back into the HVAC system via the only open hole-the chimney. you have leaking supply ductwork. you can either find all the leaks and seal perfectly the supply part of the system. OR you can put in a make-up air duct with damper that goes to some outside air source. you will be losing efficiency by constantly heating/cooling new outside air but you will no longer be making up the negative pressure by chimney smoke/air.------Central air conditioner not blowing cool air?If both lines are warm the compressor in the outdoor unit is probably not running. It could be something as simple as some faulty electrical connection or something serious like a shorted compressor. If the system is low on refrigerant the compressor could have overheated and tripped the overload. It would reset itself eventually when it cooled off but would need to be checked to find the cause. If the system is not cooling as you say I would leave the system off so the technician will not have to deal with cooling off the compressor if that is the problem.------What are the best central heating systems?Hello,I would recommend thinking about a heat pump system. They essentially are two- way air conditioners. In the summer, your AC works to remove heat from the cool indoors. In the winter, the heat pump does the exact opposite.Air-source heat pumps are installed like central air conditioners. Electricity in a heat pump is used to move the heat rather than generate it. This means the heat pump can deliver more energy than it consumes.Hope this helps!Here is a source explaining a wide range of heating systems if you want to do some more research: Types of Heating Systems------How many pounds of Freon does a central air conditioner hold?How many pounds of Freon does a central air conditioner hold?This question if Impossible to answer without information. When a system is new or when it loses its charge, the replacement amount depends on both the capacity of the outdoor unit and the indoor unit, which are usually available from the manufacturer, but also the volume of piping in the system. All of these unknown's need to be known and then the replacement requirements calculated. ------Step by Step electrical operation of a Forced Gas furnace and air conditioner?The site below has a wiring diagram with how it operates there are several systems Train Carrier, Who was the first AC producer in the world but the site shows how heat and AC is called for in a stacked cooling heating tower. This by no means covers they type that uses water cooling on towers as well which is used in commercial building and hospitals which have humidifiers built in to with air dryers as well. And if you have question send me a note and I will help you to understand the system if you have any questions.------Why is my central air conditioner not working?You must take help from a professional HVAC contractor near you. Here are some basic things which you can check from your side:-Check the main electrical panel and any secondary circuit panels for a tripped breaker or blown fuse.Make sure the thermostat is set to COOL and its temperature setting is at least 3 degrees below the ambient room temperature. Make sure the power is on. If that doesn't work, then you must get help from a professional technician.Regards,ACFurnaceGTA Corporation------How does central vacuum suction compare to regular vacuum?I'm answering my own question here - maybe and admin can move this as a comment to my original question:I did some more research on how to detect and clear blockage in central vac system. I disconnected the vac bucket from the unit and then used a regular vacuum at each outlet. At one of them, a huge amount of debris came out, including a "fabric softener" sheet and some other bits of dirt. This must have clogged the system enough to drastically reduce suction.The change in power is unbelievable. Certainly more powerful suction now than my regular vacuum------Can coronavirus spread through an air conditioner?In case of room airconditioners. Its highly improbable.We will actually focus on air distribution factors beacuse that is the main cause of transmission . In rooms where split airconditioners and window air conditiners are used , the source and supply is same and controlled. While in case of central air conditioners like in malls and common areas where there are many persons and the air distribution is not controlled , the chances are more probable. The reason is that the a part or most of the suction air comes from the conditioned area only where there can be infected persons------How much does it cost for Central Air-conditioner/heater?There are too many variables for anyone one here to be able to accurately answer that question. The ease of installation, efficiency of the unit, wage costs in your area, if you use a contractor or handyman among many other factors will all greatly affect your price. Call a LOCAL contractor and get an estimate. They are free and you are under no obligation to buy anything. Get several. Also remember cheap may also mean inefficient and not reliable. Get references if you do decide to go ahead with one of the estimates.------My Air Conditioner makes my breaker go off?Well. - when its hot outside the saturation temperature goes up in the condensing coil causing the compresser to pump against a higher head pressure thus drawing more amperage. I'm guessing your not exceeding the amperage on the circuit otherwise it would trip instantaneously, but instead all of the heat being drawn thru the breaker from the circuit amperage is causing the breaker to trip when it gets hot. You could try tightening the electrical connections at the breaker and checking to make sure they are in good condition.------What are the common reasons the fan on a central air conditioner may run but not the compressor?My take - failure of components may have common reasons; generally lack of quality control in the assembly and final product delivery areas.The motor / compressor may have failed (unlikely); their starting (temperature) control switches, relays, temperature sensor itself, may have (even one of them) will allow only the circulating fan to work; but not the cooling unit.Another option is that the coolant has leaked. Recommend that you ask for a properly trained and qualified technician to examine the unit.Have a better day !------air conditioner not functioning correctly?Your house will hold heat at night with the windows and doors shut. do not open the doors and window however, because you will let the humidity back inside. causing the airconditioner to have to work that much harder to remove the humidity. 65 degrees is an unrealistic temperature to set the thermostat to because it will never get the house that cool. when ever you have the temperature set on the thermostat lower than the actual temperature in the house the a/c will run causing the temp to go down------Is it cheaper to run air conditioners then central air units?needed air is your greater desirable determination for perfect indoors climate. As grow to be suggested, the HVAC gadget no longer in hassle-free terms cools the homestead, it circulates the air in it, filters the air rather, and pulls moisture out of the homestead. different window gadgets are undesirable approximately including humidity. yet another undertaking with a single room air conditioner in a one thousand SqFt homestead could be perfect cooling exterior of that room. till the home is desperate up with an open format it won't good cool something previous the room wherein it is located------How long can the condensation hose be on a central air conditioner?We have a similar set up in our house. However, the installer also installed a condensate pump which is like a little sump pump. The condensate collects in a tray about 4 inches deep and when the float switch is triggered by the water level, it turns the pump on and pumps the water outside. The installer has the line following the condenser lines back outside so he did not have to make any extra holes for the line. There are several suppliers for these pumps. Most places that sell air conditioning supplies will have these pumps.------How far in the common terrace with a neighbor should a central air conditioner unit be installed?In addition to clearance recommendations from the manufacturer you should consult with your neighbor on what would be the best location. By doing this you show them you want to be a good neighbor and consider their needs or concerns. Reach a viable compromise and then install your system accordingly. You must keep in mind that they may want to add air also. And you want to allow enough room for their unit to have proper clearance as well.------Window Air Conditioners Help?Most window air conditioners are factory set not to go below a certain temperature. This is to prevent them from damaging themselves. At low air flows, the compressor still pumps at the same rate as it does at high air flow. This causes condensation on the evaporator (indoor coil) to freeze, which will damage the compressor. In door temperatures below 70 degrees take you out of the air conditioning realm, and start putting you into a refrigeration mode. This requires a different refrigerant------geothermal cooling with no heat pump?This type of system was used in the early 1900's as a crude form of air conditioning. It will work but it is not very effective. You will need a large (water to air) coil and also need to move a large amount of water. If you pull the water out of the well you should also have a reinjection well to dispose of the water. In many places it is not lawful to dump well water into a town's sewage system without the water supply being metered as what goes thru the meter helps determine the sewage bill------How do I filter supply air in a central air conditioner?You don't, you filter the return air. If you add too much static to the system by adding filters to the supplies you reduce the efficiency of the system as a whole. The biggest enemy to an air conditioning system is reduced airflow. Just like you, it needs to breathe. The more you restrict that breathing the less is will produce for you. Theoretically, if you replace the return air filters regularly ther would be no need to filter the supplies because the air entering them is already clean.
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